About Me!

My name is Nicolás Hatcher, I am a theoretical physicist by soul and a computer programmer by trade. I live in Berlin, this is my website and window to the world. You can find here information about me and the few things I like.

As a theoretical physicist my passion has always been understanding Nature. In particular the unified description of particle physics and gravitation. This is a notoriously difficult problem, with little to no advance in the past 40 years or so. Since roughly 1973 the standard model of particle physics in composed of several moving parts that, in the opinion of most scholars, do not quite fit together. Nevertheless a deeper understanding of the fundamental laws of Nature is, in my opinion, within our reach in the near future.

I love astrophysics, form our Solar system to the more remote neutron stars. We are living fantastic times for that science, with almost groundbreaking results every few years. The connection of astrophysics and elementary particle physics might hold some of Nature’s best kept secrets.

As a computer programmer my main interests are compilers, computer algebra systems and algorithms. My favourite programming language is Rust(!), but I am fluent in many other languages like Python, JavaScript (and TypeScript), C/C++, Lua. I don’t like frameworks, and I like lean software.

I am also very interested and invested in education and science in a very wide scope. My dream is one day to be able to give back some of the things I have learned along the years.

From the perspective of a scientist and philosopher I am deeply troubled by the times we are living in.

Of all this things I want to talk here. Some times I will be writing of the internals of the LLVM system and others about some obscure dynamical equation that governs the evolutions of galaxies. I will write about why we need open source and why we need better tools for the education of mathematics that every kid across the world can use freely. And I will write about horrors we human being inflict on one another and the stupidity of wars, borders and all those things that makes us despicable. Also, why not, about Berlin, it’s lakes, restaurants, online dating, and I will write about depression.

I would also like to write about the fundamentals of quantum field theory and I would try hard to spread my love and passion for the foundations of physics. I would like to write about those things that makes us humans and those things that makes us dust. All in all I will be writing about everything that takes place in the Universe today.